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Hong Kong was started as a fishing village, while Aberdeen has been one of the most important fishing villages in the history of Hong Kong, and it is still supplying more than 70% of seafood all over the city. However, sadly, it has been gradually forgotten by the city. Moreover, in Hong Kong, experiencing floating life is so expensive that people can barely afford, and it becomes such a luxurious lifestyle, when it was used to be part of life in the past. 


Aberdeen Flair is brand promoting a new floating lifestyle in Aberdeen Fishing Village, such an authentic area in Island South.

We are having two objectives as follow:

  1. We want to bring people, both local and tourist, to this forgotten fishing village and let the culture and tradition of the floating community once again be discovered, appreciated and preserved.

  2. We want to provide an affordable choice of venue to people in Hong Kong. Let them have a chance to get away from the city life, enjoy the floating lifestyle and explore the fishing village.


"So actually I want to let more people experience and feel this place (Aberdeen Fishing Village). There are different boats, all types of fishing boats, old wooden boats and sampans. These all will soon be gradually eliminated, meanwhiles, fishing industry is actually a declining industry. I think it's time to let more people learn everything around the fishing village. Otherwise, after these elements are gone, we can only learn from the books."

- Co-founder of Aberdeen Flair


家居.築則 (TVB Channel 85)

A programme provides information on the latest trends in interior design in Hong Kong, and share home decorating cases, decoration and storage tips.

"I love all the old stuffs, not just the objects, but the people and the stories here. I hope our houseboats or Aberdeen Flair can wake up people with the beautiful image of Aberdeen..."

- Co-founder of Aberdeen Flair





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