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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: What is the sleeping arrangement if we have more than 8 persons?

A: Please be reminded that our houseboats are STRICTLY NOT for living aboard purpose. However, you are welcome to rent our houseboat for leisure purposes with your friends and family. The maximum capacity of the boat is 14 persons. Please check out our facilities on board to see if it is suitable to you.

Q2: Do we need to confirm the number of guests when making reservation?

A: We understand that you may not confirm the exact number of guest when you book the houseboat. We suggest you to book for 5 persons first, and you may add extra guests later (at least 2 days before boarding) by paying the difference.

Q3: Can I invite my friends to just come for a drink for a few hours? 

A: The booking number of guests is the total number of persons getting on board during the rental period. We DON'T ALLOW EXTRA VISITOR, even though he/she may just gets on board for a short period of time. Extra guest fee of $1,000 per person will be collected if we find out any unauthorised entry.

Q4: Is pet allowed?

A: We do love pet too, but we are sorry that we do not allow pet on board at the moment. If we change our policy, we will definitely let you know! 

Q5: Does the houseboat sail to other places?
A: Houseboat could be moved in special case. We aim at providing an affordable space for our guests to relax while experiencing the fishing village. If you would like to sail, please visit to check out other yachts.

Q6: Can we walk to the houseboat directly from the shore?

A: No, you need to take sampan (water taxi) to get in and out of the harbour. Having said that, it is exactly one of the key experiences you have.

Q7: Can we book the houseboat for just a few hours? Can we leave the houseboat earlier?

A: Our houseboat session is set at 18 hours each. You can get on board from 2pm and leave the boat by 11am. During the rental period, you can freely get on and off the boat. Just call the sampan Auntie/Uncle to arrange the logistics. 


Q8: What are the operating times of the sampan (water taxi) and how much is it?
A: We don't run the Sampan, they are operated by Sampan Ladies/Uncle. We do try our best to arrange transportation. Sampan (water taxi) normally runs from 7am to 6-8pm and cost $10-20 HKD per trip. You can simply dial the numbers of Sampan Auntie/Uncle to arrange the pick up. However, the sampans have limited service after 8pm, there may be extra charge for the special transport arrangement when necessary.

Q9: Is there sufficient water and power?
A: Yes, we have 24 hours water and power. Water is drinkable after boiling. Please kindly turn off the electronic applicants after use and turn off all the lights and AC before you leave to avoid waste and over consumption.

Q10: Is there any Wifi ? 
A: Yes we have wifi on the houseboat. However, please understand that the network may not be as stable as your home, as we are using 4G sim card instead cable.

Q11: Bathroom?
A: The boat has 2 fully equipped bathrooms. There are two 100% functional toilets, but please don't flush toilet paper, sanitary tissues, debris down the toilet. Trash bins are provided.


Q12: Air Conditioning?
A: Our boat is equipped with AC. Even when it is summer, you can be assured that you will be staying in a nice comfortable environment!

Q13: What to expect on the houseboat?
A: It's a houseboat, it is a unique authentic and relaxing experience. There may be noises and smells that you'd expect from a boat or the sea. It is the fishing village culture. Most of the time, it is very quiet.


Q14: Wave action? 
A: There is a reasonable amount of wave action due to other boats passing by so you'll feel a slight rock from time-to-time. This is just part of the experience of staying on a boat. Usually it does not create any inconvenience.

Q15: How's the neighborhood

A: The houseboat is located near the Aberdeen Fish Market in South of Hong Kong Island. Close to Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau (Lei Tung MTR Station). It has an authentic 360 harbour view, experiencing the sunlight and sea breeze.


Nearby Attractions
Ocean Park - 5 mins by taxi or MTR
Hong Kong University (Hike to the Peak) - 15 mins by minibus or taxi
Central / Causeway Bay / Wan Chai- 15 mins by MTR, bus or taxi
Deep Water Bay / Repulse Bay Beaches / Stanley Market - 10-15 mins by taxi
Ferries directly from Aberdeen to Lamma Island / Po Toi Island 

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