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"We cordially invite 2 houseboats to join our fleet and your beloved houseboat will no longer be a burden again..."

To houseboat owner,

We know you have all kind of good memory on your lovely houseboat. Due to the change of policy, you had no choice but sailing the houseboat away from Discovery Bay.

We know your pain and we are here to HELP...

We are now looking to have 2 houseboats joining us. By joining our fleet, you can get on board and chill on your own houseboat anytime again, and it will be in Aberdeen, at a perfect spot with mixture of modern and tradition, and good infrastructure.

Moreover, your houseboat will no longer be your burden. Instead of paying for mooring and maintenance for the sake of holding it, we will help you rent it out for local/tourist to do all kinds of leisure activities on the boat. Therefore, you can even make some positive cash flow after covering all the expenses.

If you are interested, please feel free to Contact Us for more details!


Aberdeen Flair Team

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