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Credit: Holimood, Umagazine 

This unique houseboat experience lets you stay in the heart of Aberdeen fishing village,

enjoying the incredible 360° view of the harbour, feeling the sea breeze and experiencing the floating culture.

It's a perfect place to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get the peaceful mind on the water.

New Houseboat

On Board !


Check the rate and availability now, by inputting the date and number of guests

Guests: any persons above age 3 | Kids (Free): children of age 3 or below

***Please note that houseboat rental is not for living aboard purpose, read our T&C before you book***

The number of guests is the number of persons getting on board during the rental period. Please input the numbers of guests & kids correctly.

"NO EXTRA VISITOR or GUEST is allowed"

You can rent the whole houseboat for leisure purpose

Each Houseboat Rental Session is 20 HoursBoarding Time: 3-7pm | Disembarkation time: 11am

*Guests can get in and out the harbour by Sampan anytime during the rental period*




Houseboat Experience


Houseboat Experience


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Birthday Party

Family Gathering

Bachelor Party

Bridal Shower


Dinner Event

Press Event

Offsite Meeting

Team Building


We always welcome

ideas and projects as well as good business partner



"So actually I want to let more people experience and feel this place (Aberdeen Fishing Village). There are different boats, all types of fishing boats, old wooden boats and sampans. These all will soon be gradually eliminated, meanwhiles, fishing industry is actually a declining industry. I think it's time to let more people learn everything around the fishing village. Otherwise, after these elements are gone, we can only learn from the books."

Dennis Mak, Co-founder of Aberdeen Flair

@ TV Channel Interview

"Some guests, who had tried the houseboat experience, told me that they really love this place. The reason why they love it is that, they can experience the hidden side of Hong Kong on the houseboats. This is a part of Hong Kong, being overlooked by people. Look at the calmness in this surrounding area. All the fish boats and sampans are the traces left by the history of Hong Kong.

I love all the old stuffs, not just the objects, but the people and the stories here. I hope our houseboats or Aberdeen Flair can wake up people with the beautiful image of Aberdeen..."

Dennis Mak, Co-founder of Aberdeen Flair

@ "DishTravel Blog" Interview



"We had a wonderful and unique houseboat experience! Spent an amazing time onboard with friends, exploring the boat and definitely worth for going, it is like a little getaway from busy Hong Kong, seeing another beautiful side of HK.

The Houseboat was same like in picture shown, only more amazing: very clean (could walk around barefoot), air-conditioning was working perfectly, a little bit swinging, very well-equipped kitchen, rooms were tidy. We were happy with everything!

Thanks so much for Dennis friendly welcoming and all the Sampan Water Taxi Team, they were so nice and helpful!! 👍👍👍
Would definitely recommend it to friends~~😍😍""

Sindy, Hong Kong





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